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Please follow me on Twitter to be updated about new videos and things regarding my projects and the website. There will of course be some things about my life as well - like vacations, events etc. To get to my Twitter, please press this link.
2012 - October 27th 04:19 (GMT +1) - "The assistance is now up and running!" - Poster: Alex
I just got the assistance up and running! You will now be able to get some help with different questions that you have with programming. Check out this page for more information!
2012 - October 24th 17:34 (GMT +1) - "Soon good to go!" - Poster: Alex
The new layout for the website is now up and running. It's still under construction, but you may have a look around and see. On the list, there is adding all of my Youtube tutorials to different playlists (in the website), there is getting all of the pages set up and working correctly - and also, making the admin login, like you can see in the top right corner of the page. Later on from the website, you will also be able to view Tumblr blogposts, as well as Twitter and Facebook messages!

Thanks for taking your time reading this!
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